Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cookoo's Nest

I don't know why the Newport Aquarium has a "Parakeet Landing" place, but I certainly enjoyed it. Here is Tori with a bird in hand (or on hand). And after all... a bird in the hand is worth... well, you get the idea. This pic is too dark for you to see the two birds on my sister's wrist, but you can see the one that was obsessed with her pony-tail holder. It struggled to loosen it for a long time. It was quite amusing (to me, at least, perhaps not so much to Rebecca). :)
And I got to hold some too. Well... like I said. I WAS really hungry. Doesn't my mouth look freakishly huge, here? All those years at the Orthadontist's Office, I guess. Stretched out the jaw muscles. :P


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