Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I was born in July of 1974... too caught up in the slop and chaos, however, to be fully aware.

I was born in July of 1993... but was careless and took a serious spill.

I was born in July of 2006... and I'm hanging on to this one as only someone who has lived and lost can. This July, I painted for the first time since the mid-90's. I painted very little even back then, although I have sketched off and on through the years.

My work (aka play) is all about the paint. I've lost any preoccupation with proving my skill (whatever skill I might or might not have) and I don't care too much about the subject matter. If I want perfect representation, I'll take a photo. I want to let the strokes and colors show, because that's where the energy and art is.

I tend to use the human form a lot, mainly because of the intensity of expression it can convey with the slightest tilt or twist, each millimeter of positioning altering the body language. Then again, perhaps it is because the painting side of me is the human side of me, although, I tend to focus on the lines, shapes, and energy more than the body itself. I guess I can no more explain my joy in painting than a baby can express his/her joy in those first few steps across soft grass, but I hope it somehow shows in what I do.

Tonight, I will paint a bit more. Whether I paint something beautiful or just something novice and askew, I will create something.

I paint, therefore I am. :)


Blogger otowi said...

I really like that third drawing of the guy in the hat - very nice.

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