Thursday, August 17, 2006

More to come...

My portrait of Stephen is fairly close to done. It's been a very time consuming peice, but I've enjoyed it. I painted the background for "Inside" about a week ago, but still haven't had time to start on the actual image. I worked on "Ravenous" today, but it really isn't turning out very well so far. I've scribbled a rough sketch of what "Kennin" will look like (although I may change the name). I'm also working on ideas for what will come after Kennin. Inside and Ravenous are not exactly happy pretty pictures. Kennin isn't so very dark in nature, but it still not the kind of thing you'd stare at and say "Oh, how pretty". I want to make something warm and inviting that Stephen can stare at and admire, but I have to think of something along those lines that is still "me". Admittedly, a lot of what is inside of me is very primal, dark, and unpleasant. But, I know there must be things in my head that are not ugly, angry, hungry, and dark. I just have to figure out how to convey those better sides of me.

I also have a painting in mind that is kind-of an homage to the pub I go to. That's super-cheesy, but I owe them something. But, that's many paintings away, and the ideas come easier than free time.

Anyway... bed time for Noggin.

More paintings to come, soon. Novice and imperfect, no doubt, but I'm not too worried about that. If I can paint at all after so long a hiatus, then I know I have tons of talent and skill inside me just waiting to be developed. It will come.


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