Sunday, August 13, 2006

The trip went swimmingly

I took a trip to Newport, KY (right next to Cinci, OH) with my sister and the kids. As you can see, the girls were able to get up close and personal with some sea life. I didn't take very many pictures, but I'll share the few I have. :) (Below, Tori with Mr. Fishy)

We had a great time, but I was too busy having fun to be snapping photos. My favorite part was probably the shark petting. I caught sharks (accidentally) when fishing for Salmon of the coast of Alaska, but never before had I stroked them like puppies. That was a lot of fun. They leave a very slight sticky slime on your hand, but when you pet them they are just the silkiest things ever. One little one even seemed to really go for it, swimming up for attention and soaking up every little carress like a attention-starved kitten.

For pretty much the whole trip, I was basically unable to eat. (eating out is very hard for me, since most restaurants use so much of the things are allergic to) so I was miserably famished all the while (making due, for about 27 hours, on 2 protien shakes and a snack bar), but the trip was nice nonetheless. And, I was hooked on the pod-racing game at Game Works (next door to the aquarium) and, of course, to ski ball. But man... I was SO FREAKIN' HUNGRY!!!!


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