Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Word to Build a Dream on

Feed me a word
An image,
A dream,
From one mind to another
So my visions are not me alone.

I burn up
Pent up -
I’ve no fuel for this fire
Except my want alone
And so, I am devoured in it.

I ache not for the dreaming
But to be the dream.

Give to me your ifs,
Your imaginings, your fancy,
Hunger for this one who hungers
And no one else.
Aching to quench aching,
Fire to soothe fire.

Give me your dream
Of me,
Myself in name, person, body,
This one fire-imp freezing in utter silence.

Tell me
The how and where and what next.
Give me the words
Just once.


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