Monday, September 04, 2006

Book Signing!

John, a truly terrific guy I know, is having his first book signing at a local book store. That is so exciting! Man, I've dreamed of having a book signing... but ya'll know me... I'l probably never finish any of the crappy novels in my head. Too many other hobbies and too much ADD and all this wanting to paint, sew, etc... etc...

Anyway, you can buy the book here

Or, you can go to Destinations Booksellers at 604 East Spring Street in New Albany on Thursday, September 7, at 7 p.m and buy a copy to have signed.

It's about Indana Governers and was cowritten with some other local writers.
Congrats to John!

He's not only a 100% good guy, through and through, he's also an intelligent and facinating fellow who works very hard (regular job, plus writing articles all the time... busy busy fellow). I met him at the local comic book shop.

Anyway... keep up the good work, John. :) See you at the signing.


Blogger Carl V. said...

That is cool for him! I have the same dream and am happy for those who achieve it. I hope he and the other authors have a great reception for their book.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Vatic Favonian said...

Hi TN - It's always a victory when any one of us creative souls makes a substantial move forward in fulfilling our dreams. I don't know John but I do know you so I am betting he is all you say he is.

While this post was about him I want to encourage you that you, my dear friend, can and will experience similar success in whatever area you press through in.


12:43 AM  
Blogger Cheeseburger Brown said...

Dear Twisted Noggin,

I'm pretty sure I'll finish my next novel as soon as:

1) My kids grow up and move out; and
2) My wife takes a long vacation; or
3) I become independently fabulously; or well-to-do; or
4) I hire a ghost writer; or
5) I am sent to prison.

Here's hopin'!

Cheeseburger Brown

11:26 AM  

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