Thursday, September 14, 2006


I guess I haven't been posting a whole lot, so here's the run down of Twisted Noggin's life:

The home: I'm still a slob, but I love my little house, and it hasn't caved in on me yet.
The zoo: Harry isn't super well behaved, maybe partly because I don't walk him enough (bad noggin), but he is my little angel and is sweet and cute and lovable and wonderful. Sheba is on my lap right now, being cute and affectionate. All is well with them, I think.
The Job: It's been REALLY busy, but things have been a bit better (except I've been late a few times, and that makes me worry like mad). People seem a bit friendlier, lately. I just hope that lasts.
The art: MAJOR painter's block. Don't know what the deal is, but I'm sure I'll shake it soon.
The Family: Got to talk to my dad today, which was great. I don't get to see him nearly enough. I had Tori over the weekend before last, and hope to have both girls over again soon (maybe this weekend?). I didn't get to go out with my sis last weekend because I was sick, but hopefully will get another chance soon.
$: I'm broke, duh. Whatd'ja expect? But I'll live.
Friends: Well, I tend to get frustrated on this level. There are many people I miss, and that gets to me sometimes. Also, the circles I am exposed to, wherever I go, sometimes aggrivate me with the cliques and all, but that is just life. That's how it goes. Still, I have Brandi, whom is absolutely awesome, and a couple friends I don't see so often. I still get to have a pint with Dave, now and then, and chat with a couple buddies via email.
The Band: Just in case I never told you guys, the band broke up. :(

All in all, things are going pretty well. I got to see a concert Monday night, and it was a blast (although I accidentally got too drunk... that's the bad part of switching from beer to vodka - harder to pace yourself)

Anyway... I hope everyone else is doing well. :) Best wishes to all of ya'll. :P


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