Sunday, October 08, 2006

Afterparty at my place

Yes, it is true. I went to see a show, and ended up bringing home the entire band. All 7 of them. Those of you who know me know that, while I beleive in showing the same kindness to strangers as one's own family, I am not a big party-girl, not all that outgoing, and definitely not the trusting sort. Yet, I brough 7 complete strangers home with me so they'd have a place to crash.

I was quite embarrassed for anyone to see my house in the horrible state it was in, but I figured it had to be better than 7 people trying to sleep in a van.

I garauntee this is not going to be a new habit of mine, but the girl I'd been talking to was not only a good egg, she was a bit nerdy. I gotta support my fellow nerds. :)

We ended up having an impromtu jam here at my house. We sang, Steve and the band played, the dog ate up all the wonderful attention he so loves... We even taught the Kansas City group about the local terror of the Crider (aka spricket, cave cricket, or camel cricket). A couple of them braved our basement for a bit of Crider hunting, and The Afterparty (name of the band) now has a mark on the "kill list" (I started a scoreboard a while back on my little chalkboard where Steve and I mark a point down for killing insects). I wish I would have had something to feed them for breakfast. Touring like that has to be rough... playing in a different town every night and sleeping in a van. Yikes, that's certainly earning your musician stripes.

Well, I was a little freaked at my boldness, when I realized I was really bringing 7 complete strangers into my home. But, I'm quite glad I did. They were a great group of people and it was definitely a new experience for this little introvert.

Not all of the night was so great. I got WAYYYY too drunk. I may have to just quit drinking for a while, because I don't seem to mind my limits very well. Or at least, I need to set a limit for myself before drinking and just stick to it. I acted like an idiot. I was not myself. I hope I didn't scare off a new friend of mine. But, that's another story.

There is other news, but I think that's enough for now. Life changes, you adjust. I've got my painting, and I've learned that I can be braver than I knew I could be. I've been going out by myself, even. I went to Mac's Friday night and ended up having a great time. At least I didn't embarrass myself that night.

Take care bloggers.
The ever-twisted Noggin


Blogger Carl V. said...

Even if it was uncharacteristically bold that was quite nice of you to do that. No doubt touring like this isn't a huge money-making enterprise and I'm sure they appreciated a place to crash.

Not sure I want to know what those bugs look like, they sound very creepy!

10:15 AM  

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