Saturday, October 14, 2006

Florence Weather

Today is an "Italy day" outside. When I was in Italy, it was December, but warm for December. I didn't even wear a coat most of the time, just maybe a Firenze-bought cashmere scarf to keep the crisp breeze off my ears. We walked everywhere, which was part of the charm. Today, I walked the dog to a tiny corner store... the wind was crisp and chill, but the sun warm. The little shop was quaint and the staff friendly. I was even wearing my hat from Italy, since I didn't feel like messing with my hair. So, it brought memories back.

After losing my passport, being trapped for a day (foodless) in a french airport, and then flight trouble in the US on the way home, Brandi and I thought we'd never want to HEAR the word "travel" again. But, within a few weeks we were both surfing Florence sites online, finding B&B's and interesting places to stay. I wanted to go back and rent a room for a month, live and shop and cook and walk there. Of course, I haven't the money to go again, but it was a nice trip.

So, I love this sort of weather. It's rather sentimental for me.


Blogger Ray said...

Speaking of Italy, my and Jeremy's story comes out next week in Negative Burn #5. Make sure and go buy it! George should be getting a few at his store.

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