Thursday, October 12, 2006

Snippet of a Conversation...

... between TwistedNoggin (aka Kat) and her friend "hat girl".

Kat: (laughs awkwardly) "How come something like this always has to happen to me before we have a slumber party?"

HatGirl: (laughs also) "Yeah, I know. I've missed you. I knew 'strong Kat' had to be in there somewhere. I just didn't know where she went. She went on a little vacation."

Kat: "yeah, a vacation to crazy town. I need a shirt that says "I went all the way to Crazy town, and all I got was this stupid T-shirt".


Anyway... yes my life has been pretty crazy here lately, but it has been hard and stressful for a while. While the recent happenings seem awfully tragic to those who know me, it was a long time coming, unfortunately. I'm better off, and doing much better than I would have anticipated.

Strong Kat is back. She's taking her house back, her life back, her self-esteem back, etc...

I can't go into detail about all the happenings of late on a public blog. I try to treat people with respect, even if it's just out of respect to who someone was only part of the time. To the few of you who do know, be respectful. My stories are for me to share, or not share, as I see fit. If anyone wants to hold a grudge, that is my right alone, and honestly I hold no grudges, so neither should you. Life changes. Things happen. You learn and you start over.

I'm determined to make this start my best one ever. I will paint. I will treat even myself with some respect. I will spend time with friends. I'm gearing up to quit smoking, but haven't set the deadline yet. No more mourning over my several lives lost. Better to make this one count. :)

Bona Sera ;)
Konbanwa :)
nighty night


Blogger barenada said...

HatGirl needs a new nickname. I've been thinking that PurseGirl would be just about perfect.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Dangerous Mind said...

Best of luck in taking back ocntrol of your life!

I seem to be struggling at the moment

6:14 AM  

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