Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Best Borscht

I love Borscht. The broth is so rich and flavorful. Yum!
I usually make my borscht with beef, but this time I made the broth with a big bambi bone, and then added ground turkey to the finished soup. It still tastes very beefy, of course. I love that crazy ruby color. It's strange to eat soup that looks like rasperry juice, but it's good stuff. (also I painted my lips with the beet juice while chopping them, and acted like I'd been shot when my hands were all red with beet blood, but I just like clowning around with my neice.
Although I am an "eat your vegetables" kind of aunt, and I do inflict cruel and strange rules on them (like no Nintendog at the table in a restaurant), I do beleive adults should have fun with kids. And, Tori is a mighty fun kid. By the way, there was a large amount of meat on the deer bone I'd made the broth with, and I was going to seperate the bone and meat out so I could put the meat back in the soup, but I turned my back on the dog and... well... you can guess the rest. He left nothing but a tiny peice of bone, and licked every drop of the juice off the floor. Ick.


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