Friday, November 24, 2006

I've been watching this movie called Art School Confidential. I love it, for the most part. All the BS of the art world... so true.

I related to the main kid a LOT (in the beginning, at least). My style of drawing is very traditional, at least at first glance. I'm in love with the beauty of subtlety... the exquisite humanity of the overlooked... that's what I draw. Most people see a figure, drawn representationally, and never look beyond it. Never notice the subtle differences.

I felt some pressure, in college, to have a "style" that stood out. But, I love art too much to cling to gimics. I suppose my "style" happened on its own when I started to actually paint. I am SO fascinated by the strokes and pigments, that I love to let them show and not over-finish a painting, if that makes any sense. It isn't a style so much as a fact... you can see by looking at them that I just love spreading the paint on the canvas. The subject matter is inconsequential.

Is this my defining style, though? Who gives a f---. Maybe what I paint next year will be totally traditional and representational. Maybe not. Who cares? I do what I do out of pure love, though. If no one else ever gives it so much as a nod, so be it. I beleive in what I do because I love doing it. I paint what I want to see on the canvas. That's all that matters to me.

As for the movie... I hated the ending. The kid had a passion for art, and he chucked it in favor of notariety. But hey... they sure revealed the BS of the art world well. It was no exageration at all. 100% true.


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