Sunday, November 12, 2006

My day

Harry was being such a cuddly little baby this morning, that I didn't want to get out of bed. He kept rolling around and laying his head on me and being so cute. But, I eventually got up and started cleaning the house... The pets simply can't resist a clean and hair-free couch, so they declared a truce (they normally wont get very near eachother) in order to join forces and pepper the couch with fur. (the photo is dark, but I suppose you get the idea).
Then, Tori came over. We sat and talked quite a bit, chatting in the office, and then went to the coffee shop and the grocery. Then, I showed her the trumpet and asked if it was similar enough to the french horn (which she plays) for her to work.
She played some school band stuff, then I pulled up some Miles Davis on the computer to see how she'd adjust to jam with him. I was quite proud, considering her age and all.

Then, I had her show me how and I took a turn.


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