Friday, November 10, 2006


I'd have to say that the concept was a great success, though this particular experiment (test 1) was a failure. I've never cooked with tapioca before (especially what I rough-ground myself) so I underestimated it's moisture and time requirements in order to cook properly. You could just about crack a tooth on the crust. That's super-easy to adjust for, though. Plus, I think it needs more almonds anyway, so I may just make the crust entirely of almond meal and butter next time. I LOVE that almond meal - yum!

The rest of it was perfect. I've been scraping everything off of the crust and eating it. Mmmm... mascarpone cheese... such divine stuff. I even drizzled a touch of extra almond liqueour over this slice, but I think that was too much. The amount already in the desert had been just right. So anyway... the sweet potatoe pie has gone italian gourmet, kinda sorta, and I like it. I don't know what to call it, but it's pretty dern good. Oh, and by the way... I layed that tile all by myself. That's on the kitchen island we built. I started recording some "music" tonight, too. I was going to try and wing a few notes on the trumpet to add in to the mix, but apparently there is some sort of know-how involved, and the most I know about a trumpet is which end to blow in to. When I get the recording done, I'll share it with you. It'll probably just be odd noise, though, much like CoffeeBeerandCigarettes was.

Later, ya'll.


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