Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I cooked ahead for tomorrow.
For lunch, I'll have bits of steak with a tiny bit of diced persimmon (picked up a nice fresh one, sweet, not tart - very mild) covered in a bombay-style curry sauce (I cheated and used jarred sauce, this time) and saffron rice.
For dinner, I'll be having a cajun oyster et toufee (I can cook it, but not spell it) with asparagus. I made a side of spicy creole rice that I piled up with red bell pepper, sweet corn, and yams.

Some of that may sound a bit odd, but you'd be surprised at how good it is.
Maybe I'll make chili or meatloaf next time to balance my habits. :P

Gotta cook ahead to eat healthy.

I realized something about my own tendencies towards choosing avatars. I don't like pics that are too flattering. Just natural. I look sleep-deprived in the new one, but that fits. I'm worn out, these days.

G'night folks.


Blogger hueblur said...


I'm not a fan of oysters, but I'd have loved to have given that a whirl. I'm salivating so much, having read that, that I coughed a little.

*smacks lips*



Get pics next time!

9:38 AM  

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