Saturday, January 20, 2007

So many things to do... things I should've already done over the past couple days. But, I'm in migraine mode at the moment.... shades drawn, lights out, monitor brightness turned way down, phone ringers off... plans I was looking forward to cancelled...
I guess I'm just stressed. Can't let stress get to me, though.
I'm taking some excedrin (out of my migraine prescription, and can't afford a refill right now), and am about to lay down for a bit. Hopefully, I'll wake up better and ready to get some stuff done.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

No time to wallow

I did everything I could think of to help me get up in the mornings. I go to bed early. I set my very loud alarm across the room so I can't hit snooze in a sleepy haze, etc... But, I was so tired I slept right through it. It must have been going off for about an hour before it woke me up. When I realized what time it was, I had instant dry heaves from panic. I showered and got ready for work in about 10 minutes. Barely had time to get wet. Ran out the door and got in the car and called the office while on the way. I knew I'd likely be fired when I got there, but I had to try. Sure enough, I got fired. I can't blame them.

I'll be in the hospital one night and one day next week for sleep apnea/narcolepsy testing.

In some ways, maybe I'll be better off. I've never in my life worked with such difficult people. One of the ladies from the escrow department (sort of shares an office with the title plant where I worked) asked me just this morning how I could stand to work with them. She said it was like preschool over there and that people were getting mighty sick of the way they behaved. Still, I didn't really care all that much about that. I just wanted to do my job, and to do it well. And, as difficult as some of my coworkers may have been, I respected them as workers for what they did professionally.

I intend to start job hunting right away. I need to type up my resume today and start looking online for leads. Then, I need to spend the rest of the week going out and dropping off my resume at places. I'll probably lose my house anyway, but I need to keep going and get myself a new job.

Right now, however, I'm going to bed. My first impulse was to go drink myself silly somewhere, but that's unwise. I can't afford to do things the stupid way. So, I'll take a nap and will have to get up and get right back to working on salvaging my worthless life. No time to wallow.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chad Vader - You have GOT to see it

This is just the first episode. There are more on Youtube.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Deserted Island Songs

You know the routine... you're stuck on a deserted island with just an ipod and maybe one or 3 other people (the ipod has endless battery).

Of course, since my answer to the "what three books would you take to a deserted island" includes "Desert Island Survival for Dummies", and "How To Get Rescued from a Desert Island, For Dummies", then I will set in place a rule that says "No... Songs chosen just because lyrics contain survival advice don't count, if any such songs do exist".

Sex Beat (both the originial The Gun Club version, and the awesome Alejandro Escavedo version, but not the slow Escavedo version [only the sucky slow one is available from v-cast, the jerks]).

Temptation, by Tom Waits (along with tons of songs from Mule, Franks Wild Years, and then there's the awesome older albums -oh, nevermind. Let's just say at LEAST 20% of the songs he's done.)

All the Love In The World and Closer by NIN

Condemnation and Little 15, by Depeche Mode

Chubb Subb, by MMW

London Calling, by the Clash

When the Lights Go Out, by The Black Keys

Paper Bag, by Fiona Apple

Sideways and Appetite, by Citizen Cope

Try A Little Tenderness and None of Us Are Free, by Solomon Burke

Delicate, The Blower's Daughter, and Cheers, from Damien Rice's album, "O".

Maleguena, by Carlos Montoya

Too many Nina Simone songs to list, but inluding Feeling Good

A couple R. L. Burnside tunes (but Bad Luck City is the only song name I can recall at the moment)

the classic Minnie The Moocher, by good'ol Cab

I have to give up on this list. There's just too many to think of.
Throw in a couple Lucero songs, some Greenday and System Of A Down, perhaps, as well as Mass in C Minor by Mozart, a few songs from my favorite musical, Chess, and a few songs by Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday. etc... etc... etc...
I haven't even touched on Vivaldi, Tool, And Parliament Funkadelic. You all know there'd have to be lots of funk.

Anyway... I'm going to nap, I think.