Sunday, October 29, 2006


I have this canvas, see…
It’s a rather large canvas, so I would like it to end up being something worth while.
I’ve had some beautiful starts on it, the best being one I started when I was young (early 20's?)and full of life. However, all of my efforts on it turn from beauty to failure. I’ve tried to tell myself that it doesn’t matter… that the practice acquired through even my failed efforts is a payoff in and of itself, something to make me a better artist.

And so, I begin and begin again. Each time, though, it is harder. The ridges and gouges of past strokes show through, and the thick-caked history beneath threatens my efforts a little more each time. But, although the work I’m starting right now will be imperfe, with seemingly random past textures confusing my new strokes, I know that these hands of mine are capable of sweeping gestures that can conduct pigments into meaning. I know I can create something from this battered canvas.

My hands are special, because I can give my entire soul through them. The movements of my hands are more important than the contractions of my lungs, because it is through them that I breathe in the world, and give of myself.

If this canvas was meant to receive something from me, I can give it, no matter what chaos of mistakes may clutter the background. If this painting I am starting is what my soul was meant to be a part of, then it will turn out. If it doesn’t work out, I will cherish the process and the intimacy I am now sharing with the canvas. Painting is truly intimate to me. It is spiritual and carnal and pure. If I let my doubts prevent my painting, then my life would have little meaning.
By the way, I would like to send a huge thank you, again, to Josh and his friend, and to Lisa, for contributing to my art supplies. There’s no way I could afford them on my own. Air and water are free, but for me… paint is more crucial than both, and without the supplies given me, I would be damned to suffocation. Thank you. :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

guy- Escuse me, lunch lady... The food was edible, and all, but I have a complaint.
LL- It was cheap and it was food. Why split hairs?
guy- Well, mam, I'm not one to split hairs, normally, but... I don't normally eat them, either.
LL- Are you saying there was a hair in your food?
guy- Yes ma'am. A Harrier hair.
LL- What? A hair can't be hairy. It is simply a hair.
guy- No, not hairrier, but Harrier. The breed of dog. A sort of hound.
LL- I can assure you, sir. We do not employ Harrier's in this cafeteria, and all of our lunch ladies wear hair nets.

blah blah blah

Anyway... here's Harry (aka, Harrison T. Harrier), dressed as a lunch lady.

Preparing for this years costume...

I just want an excuse to wear my best kimono, of course, so I bought a cheap $14.00 wig and just styled it as geisha-like as I could. I used my vintage japanese kanzashi (hair sticks).
You'll see it on me whenever I get the whole costume together and on.

Rear view:

Side View:

Last year... a refresher

I was Kagero, from Ninja Scroll (an anime flick)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Florence Weather

Today is an "Italy day" outside. When I was in Italy, it was December, but warm for December. I didn't even wear a coat most of the time, just maybe a Firenze-bought cashmere scarf to keep the crisp breeze off my ears. We walked everywhere, which was part of the charm. Today, I walked the dog to a tiny corner store... the wind was crisp and chill, but the sun warm. The little shop was quaint and the staff friendly. I was even wearing my hat from Italy, since I didn't feel like messing with my hair. So, it brought memories back.

After losing my passport, being trapped for a day (foodless) in a french airport, and then flight trouble in the US on the way home, Brandi and I thought we'd never want to HEAR the word "travel" again. But, within a few weeks we were both surfing Florence sites online, finding B&B's and interesting places to stay. I wanted to go back and rent a room for a month, live and shop and cook and walk there. Of course, I haven't the money to go again, but it was a nice trip.

So, I love this sort of weather. It's rather sentimental for me.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Snippet of a Conversation...

... between TwistedNoggin (aka Kat) and her friend "hat girl".

Kat: (laughs awkwardly) "How come something like this always has to happen to me before we have a slumber party?"

HatGirl: (laughs also) "Yeah, I know. I've missed you. I knew 'strong Kat' had to be in there somewhere. I just didn't know where she went. She went on a little vacation."

Kat: "yeah, a vacation to crazy town. I need a shirt that says "I went all the way to Crazy town, and all I got was this stupid T-shirt".


Anyway... yes my life has been pretty crazy here lately, but it has been hard and stressful for a while. While the recent happenings seem awfully tragic to those who know me, it was a long time coming, unfortunately. I'm better off, and doing much better than I would have anticipated.

Strong Kat is back. She's taking her house back, her life back, her self-esteem back, etc...

I can't go into detail about all the happenings of late on a public blog. I try to treat people with respect, even if it's just out of respect to who someone was only part of the time. To the few of you who do know, be respectful. My stories are for me to share, or not share, as I see fit. If anyone wants to hold a grudge, that is my right alone, and honestly I hold no grudges, so neither should you. Life changes. Things happen. You learn and you start over.

I'm determined to make this start my best one ever. I will paint. I will treat even myself with some respect. I will spend time with friends. I'm gearing up to quit smoking, but haven't set the deadline yet. No more mourning over my several lives lost. Better to make this one count. :)

Bona Sera ;)
Konbanwa :)
nighty night

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Afterparty at my place

Yes, it is true. I went to see a show, and ended up bringing home the entire band. All 7 of them. Those of you who know me know that, while I beleive in showing the same kindness to strangers as one's own family, I am not a big party-girl, not all that outgoing, and definitely not the trusting sort. Yet, I brough 7 complete strangers home with me so they'd have a place to crash.

I was quite embarrassed for anyone to see my house in the horrible state it was in, but I figured it had to be better than 7 people trying to sleep in a van.

I garauntee this is not going to be a new habit of mine, but the girl I'd been talking to was not only a good egg, she was a bit nerdy. I gotta support my fellow nerds. :)

We ended up having an impromtu jam here at my house. We sang, Steve and the band played, the dog ate up all the wonderful attention he so loves... We even taught the Kansas City group about the local terror of the Crider (aka spricket, cave cricket, or camel cricket). A couple of them braved our basement for a bit of Crider hunting, and The Afterparty (name of the band) now has a mark on the "kill list" (I started a scoreboard a while back on my little chalkboard where Steve and I mark a point down for killing insects). I wish I would have had something to feed them for breakfast. Touring like that has to be rough... playing in a different town every night and sleeping in a van. Yikes, that's certainly earning your musician stripes.

Well, I was a little freaked at my boldness, when I realized I was really bringing 7 complete strangers into my home. But, I'm quite glad I did. They were a great group of people and it was definitely a new experience for this little introvert.

Not all of the night was so great. I got WAYYYY too drunk. I may have to just quit drinking for a while, because I don't seem to mind my limits very well. Or at least, I need to set a limit for myself before drinking and just stick to it. I acted like an idiot. I was not myself. I hope I didn't scare off a new friend of mine. But, that's another story.

There is other news, but I think that's enough for now. Life changes, you adjust. I've got my painting, and I've learned that I can be braver than I knew I could be. I've been going out by myself, even. I went to Mac's Friday night and ended up having a great time. At least I didn't embarrass myself that night.

Take care bloggers.
The ever-twisted Noggin

Thursday, October 05, 2006

More "music" -sort of

A bit of noise, all done by me (which explains why the bass is slightly off).